Free ATM Placements

vCash's Hyosung NH1800SE ATM Machine


FREE ATM Placements

This is really free! You will receive a monthly income as well.

Store owners get all the benefits of having an ATM without paying a fee to vCash or any other party. Here is how you are able to obtain it:

1. Contact vCash to request a Free Placement of ATM;

2. A vCash representative will contact you to review and assess your business, location and customer traffic;

3. You choose one of the two free placement options available from vCash - free placement with merchant cash loading (option 1) and free placement with vCash cash loading (option 2).

4. An agreement is reached with regards to financial benefits and mutual responsibilities for both parties.

5. ATM Configuration and Delivery - next day of delivery and installation of the ATM. It will be in operation after installation.

The only two things needed from you are electricity and Internet/Phone connection.

Contact vCash for your Free ATM Placement today.