Pricing Plans for POS Terminals

There are many pricing plans on the market from POS payment processing providers. Some of them are so confusing that you need forensic accountants to decipher.

vCash is able to simply the pricing to make it easy for merchants to understand and save on the total cost of using a payment processing terminal.

There are really four components of any POS payment processing service: Terminal Rental or Purchase, Monthly Service Fee, Cost per Transaction and Cost for Credit Cards Acceptance.

Here are what we offer to merchants at vCash:

1. Terminal Rental or Purchase

     - $9.95 - Monthly Rental Fee of Countertop Terminal (until Oct 31, 2016)

     - $399 - Purchase Price for Countertop Terminal.

2. Monthly Service Fee

     - $7.95 per month.

3. Cost per Transaction

     - $0.06

4. Cost for Credit Cards Acceptance

     - 1.64% for basic VISA, MasterCard.

     - Plus 0.50% for other credit card categories.

     - For large volume merchants, vCash offers Interchange Plus plans. The markup percentage can be as low as 0.25%.

Our competitors may charge you a monthly minimum fee, annual fee or a quarterly security fee. Some providers may also charge you something like statement fee or warranty fee. There are other creative categories of fee you may be levied! 

To allow easy comparison, vCash has created a checklist for you to inquire and compare. Download it from here by clicking on following link.

        >> Checklist for Choosing Your POS Payment Processing Provider