The pricing should be transparent and easy to understand

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The Pricing of Payment Processing - as clear as water

When you go to a shop to buy a product, the price is clearly marked on it and you are sure what you are going to pay for it. Is it the same for payment processing? Far from that!

Business transactions are supposed to be clear and the meeting of minds. It is a fair game. In reality, the pricing of merchant services is marketed to merchants with undefined terms. As such, some merchants feel that the monthly statements do not reflect the contract. A CBC news report shows the confusion through their investigation. Read More >> CBC Report: Businesses hit by hidden fees from credit card machines

To strive to provide the most transparent pricing, vCash has made its monthly plans clear and easy to understand. It has four main categories: Terminal Rental or Purchase, Monthly Service Fee, Cost per Transaction and Cost for Credit Cards Acceptance.  Read More >> Pricing Plan

It is our goal to make one merchant happy every time!