We Offer Management and Support of Your ATM and POS Locations

You have a fleet of ATMs, and you do not want to spend your day to day activities on them, here is a solution for you:

vCash provides you with full management and support for your ATMs. No matter how many ATMs you own, we are able to assist you with management, support and repair. It is a turn-key operation to you.

It does not matter if you own one machine or 500 machines, we will be able to assist so that you receive your return on your ATM ownership on daily basis. With this turn key management and support, you can choose what you require from vCash:

1. ATM processing via vCash Group with web access to all machine transactions;

2. Customer support and calls routing to vCash Group;

3. Cash loading service;

4. Onsite support and ATM repair.

We are here to work together with you and let us know what you require and we can customize the solution for you!

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