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vCash Thermal Paper Rolls at Cheap Prices for POS Terminals ATMs







Attention merchants!

Running out of receipt paper? Never seem to have enough? vCash sells receipt paper rolls in all quantity and sizes, for the small corner store that only needs a few rolls, to the supermarket that needs a lot!

vCash offers the following sizes of thermal paper rolls for ATMs. All vCash paper rolls are BPA free with high print quality.

ATM Receipt Paper Rolls

vCash ATM Thermal Paper Rolls are BPA Free with high quality prints. Here are the two most popular retail ATM paper rolls:

1 Triton ATM Receipt Paper Rolls (RL1600, RL9600)

       Size: 2-3/8" x 790' x 2", BPA Free, 12 Rolls/Case

These paper rolls are good for Triton ATMs (RL1600, RL9600).

2 Hyosung ATMs NH1520, NH1800, NH2700

      Size: 3-1/8" x 660' x 1", BPA Free, 80g/m2, 4 Rolls/Case

These paper rolls are good for Hyosung ATMs such as NH 1500, NH1800, NH2700 etc. Please check on the sizes of the paper roll requirements before ordering.

3 Hantle and Genmega ATMs

       Size: 2-1 / 4 x 6.5, 11/16" Core.

Contact us today at: 1-800-818-7980 or Email at  AskUs [at] vCash.ca, detailing your order requirements.